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Brahui Poetry Collection of Shams Nadeem

Amir Bakhsh Baloch - 05:37

Who is Shams Nadeem?

Balochistan the land of talent young people, No doubt this region is oppressed but people of Balochistan still optimastic !. One of them is Shams Nadeem, born July 6, 1980 in Dera Murad Jamali, He done his master both in Brahui and Urdu. He belongs to Lehri trible. Shams Nadeem is a beloved poet of Balochistani youth. He is not only a poet but a author, writter, analyst as well. Shams Nadeem's favorite personality is Muhammad Ishaq Soz.Shams Nadeem's  Brahui Poetry books are...
Hinaam Na Khushbu

Brahvi Poet and writter Shams Nadeem


Labour / Worker / Mazdoor Poetry