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Brahvi Balochi Chap in Koh-e-Aamach Mastung Balochistan

Unknown - 13:00

Jashan e Aamach

Koh-e-Aamach is situated in district Mastung Balochistan. It is a very beautifull and attractive hill. where often local Balochs of Aamach celeberate "Jashan e Aamach". They invites local singers and enjoy alot this wonderful event time by time. In this clip I am brough for you Balochi (Brahvi) Chaap. I hope you love it :)

Brahvi Chaap - Aamach by BrahviTime

Brahvi Balochi Chaap

Unknown - 09:33
Brahvi Chaap Nana Saqafat Na Hissa Se Ara Ke Baloch Warna Teti Baaz Mashoor Ay, Warnak Da Chaap Ay Saang, Baraam o Khuashi Na Day Te'ti Khalera..
Brahvi Chaap Na Baaz Warh o Dolo Har Elaqa Na Chaap Elo Elaqa Ghan Zaras Jita Ay, Chaap Beera Nareenak Khalpasa Balke Brahvi Neyareek Ham Khuashi Ta De Te'ti Chaap Khalera..

Brahvi Balochi Chaap in Bolan - Brahvi Time by BrahviTime

Brahvi Chaap

Unknown - 01:00
Brahvi Chaap is the traditional dance of Baloch Nation. There are many kinds of traditional dances in Balochistan. Every tribe is bit different Chaap. This kind of dances are very famous in youth they take part in such kind of dances specially in wedding or other happiness events.

Brahvi Chaap by dm_51a2283325053
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