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Beautiful Balochistan
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Showing posts with label Beautiful Balochistan. Show all posts

Beautiful Red, Yellow and Wild Tulips in Balochistan

Amir Bakhsh - 07:18

Tulip Flower (Gwarikh / گواڑخ)

Tulips is a beautiful season flower, founded in cold areas, all over the world people love this beautiful flower specially the wild one.

Tulips in Balochistan

This lovely flower is also founded in Balochistan, Baloch people called it "GWARIKH(گواڑخ). You can say actually it is the flower of love and poetry inside Balochistan. Poets aften use this flower as a sign of love, humanity, care and love of homeland.

Red Tulips

Red is the cutest one because it is the sign of love. also founded wild shape in Balochistan

Yellow Tulip

Yellow is also a beautiful colour of this tulip flowers also founded in Balochistan

Images Of Tulips

Here are some images of tulips, our site lovers sent to us specially to upload on Brahvi time.

Keep visiting we will upload more images, photos and pictures of tulips for you! 
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Nushki Balochistan - Valley of Love and Literature | Photos

Amir Bakhsh - 04:34
Nushki / Noshki

Nushki as know as Noshki, Noshke and Noshkal, is a beautiful valley of Balochistan also well famous about the people who love literature. This is why you can say it is the desert valley of singers, poets and literature lover people
Nushki Map
Nushki Map via Google Earth

Nushki Weather
The average weather is quite hot in summer and coldest in winter. 
Nushki Girls & Boys

Both Girls and boys are very talented and competitive in education and other field of life.
Nushki Photos
Here is beautiful collection of Nushki Photos 


A Beautiful Rainbow Evening in Quetta City

Amir Bakhsh - 10:16
Quetta City is the capital of Balochistan, It is very famous regarding sudden weather changing even people made it a proverb "Changing like Quetta's Weather". Same happen today (April 17,2014), It was very fast raining today after few minutes again environment changed and a beautiful rainbow appeared what made people of Quetta Pleasant and happy!!

Keep visiting we will update more picture.....

Sports & Athletic Girls in Quetta | Balochistan Sports Festival

AB Broadcast - 09:08

Sports Girl and Athletic Girls 

Sports is like backbone for society but without contribution of girls sports is incomplete actually!. Recently Government of Balochistan conduct a sports festival in Quetta city. hundreds of players and athletics participated in the sports festival. Not only boys but Girls of Balochistan specially Collage girls of Quetta also took part in different games. This was a first healthy event which provided equal opportunity to girls and boys. here are some photos of Balochistan Sports Festival 2014 but this photo gallery is contains only girls and athletic and sports girl of Quetta and Balochistan. 
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Balochistan Sports Festival 2014 Photos 

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