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Video Poetry
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Showing posts with label Video Poetry. Show all posts

Da Jahanat Mehr Ana... | Brahvi Poetry of Rashid Janan -

Amir Bakhsh Baloch - 10:36

Brahvi Poetry / Ghazal

Da Jahan At Mehr Ana Eetak Antay Kam Arer
Arkase Ur Dor ati Khank Hona Nam Arer     !

Mon Mosti Bining Kin Video ay sel kabo :)

Brahvi Poetry of Rashid Janan.. Brahvi TIME by BrahviTime

Brahvi Poetry of Rashid Janan
Recorded by Ameer
Published" Brahvi Time

Brahvi Poetry By Noor Ahmed Noor

Amir Bakhsh Baloch - 13:00
Noor Ahmed Noor is a young brahvi poet. Many people likes his poetry he is not only poet of love and emotion but humour as well. His this poetry his bit humour. Recorded by famous brahvi Rj Manoor Kiazai.

Brahvi Poetry of Noor Ahmed Noor by dm_51a2283325053

Brahvi Poetry of Saadullah Saad

Amir Bakhsh Baloch - 05:21
Saadullah Saad is one of famous Brahvi poet. He written many poetries in brahvi language. Saad belongs to Mengal Baloch tribe. He has a big contribution in brahvi language. currently he is working in Qatar.

Brahvi Poetry Zindagi by Saadullah Saad by dm_51a2283325053

Brahvi Poetry by Zahoor Siddiqi

Amir Bakhsh Baloch - 11:55
Zahoor Siddiqi is one of very famous poet of Brahvi language. He has written many patriotic poetry which known local people by Inqalabi Shayari. Presently Zahoor Siddiqi is living in Dubai from he kept continuous work on brahvi literature..

Brahvi Ghazal by Zahoor Siddiqi by dm_51a2283325053
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