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Yahoo Bing Ads Network - Review And Approval Tricks

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Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads program(Review)

At lest you tired to making many blogs but you did not get a google adsens account and now you are seeking for a best Google adsense alternative. Let's start your earning career via blog through Yahoo Bing discourse ads on you blog a quality is more friendly than Google adsense..

Well if you\'ve got a top quality content and handsome daily page preview than Yahoo Bing adsense you looking forward to you :) The are not as strict policies as google adsens as..The Yahoo! Bing Network contextual Ads program allows web publishers to simply and effectively earn advertising revenue. plate forum is really has a good, easily and click friendly type of ads that is the reason large number of professional blogger turns towards Yahoo Bing contextual ads programe and earning smart money.

 Features of Yahoo Bing Ads network

    Generate progressive revenue with minimal  effort
 targeted just on publishers with premium content
 top brand advertisers and 100% fill rate
 extremely relevant ads that enhance user expertise and cut back ad muddle
    Real support, personalised attention and service

 Approval Tips and Tricks

Now when seeing some amazing options you\'ll have an interest in using Yahoo Bing contextual Ads Network. So, here i am planning to offer you some tips to get your website or blog approved. i will be able to not take your too much time so I\'ve simply listed some things that your site/blog should have to get approved.

   >> TLD [ top Level domain name ] - .Com, .Net, .Org etc. -
>> Unique, Quality and Acceptable By The Network Content

 >>   Domain Age = 3/4 Months

>> 400th Organic Search Traffic

>> one thousand (1K) Daily Pageviews
>> About Us, Contact us and Privacy Policy Pages
 simple To Navigate

What should I do?

    Place their ads in your blog or web site.
    Modify your revenue by monetizing the content of your site.
    Satisfy your users by providing them ad content associated with their interests.
    Leverage our information of however best to optimize your contextual advertising.

  How Much I Get Paid?

At beginning,Yahoo ads pay $0.002 for P/click.That is,$1 dollar for 500 impression and will increase per your pageviews and impression.This is not terribly unhealthy than infolinks and different intext ad networks
When will i get paid?
You will get paid once your ad revenue reaches the threshold amount that is 50$.There are four ways in which to collect your revenue, as well as a PayPal option that allows you to get paid more quickly.Wha

How to Apply

 how to Apply For Yahoo Bing contextual Ads Network?
So, once you are all done regarding the approval tips then it is time to request the invite. it is not any tough task you\'ll do it simply by following the easy steps below.

 Go to Yahoo Bing Ads Network

    >> Click on [Request an Invite] button within the header.
 currently a form will return which you have to fill.

  >> when filling the first form, click the continue button to proceed to following step.
    After that, you may land within the next type which is able to be regarding the owner details. Means, it'll ask for the main points regarding the owner of a website. Simply, Fill it.

    Finally, when filling the form click ["I accept"] button at the bottom.
 currently a message can seem that you have with success requested for the invite.

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