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Brahui Brahvi Brohi Language
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Brahui Language and Theories

Amir Bakhsh Baloch - 13:10

Introduction on Brahui or Brahvi Language

Brahui is one of the oldest languages of the world and different  theories are found about origin of the Brahui Language. Some linguistics say that it is a Dravadian language and others claim that it has Aryan Origin. However the deposits and remainants of the Moen-Jo-Daro reveal that Brahvi speaking People were the original dwellers of the oldest civilization of the world. Brahui Speaking people claim that they are racially Balochs but their language is distinct and they live in Pakistan (Balochistan and Sindh), Iran (Sistan Balochistan), Afghanistan and Turkeministan.

Objectives of this Facebook  Account are as under:-
1.       To Promote the Brahui Language and Literature.
2.       To Introduce the Brahui Books, creative works among the Brahvi Speaking people of the world.
3.       To provide knowledge of Brahui language to literary personalities of their languages.
4.       To help those students who have to appear in graduation, Masters and competitive examination in Brahvi Language.
5.       To help those people who have to appear in M.Phil and Ph.d Courses.
6.       To create awareness among the Brahui Speaking people and encourage literary persons for taking part in the activities of Brahvi Litterateur.

Being a member of Brahvi Speaking community it gives me immense pleasure to launch this facebook account for promoting the Brahvi Language and literature and any suggestion, correction, addition, guidelines  will highly be appreciated.
Brahvi Speaking people are indebted to Late Noor Muhammad Perwana and this Account is hereby launched in his name as recognition of his remarkable and coomendable services for Brahvi Language and Literature.

Origin of Brahvi Language

Brahvi is a one the oldest language of the Indian sub-continent. Brahvi speaking people are found in Balochistan, Sindh, Afghanistan, Turkeministan and Iran. There are many theories about the origin of Brahvi Language. Some people claim that Brahvi is an Aryan Language others say that it is a Turko-Iranian language. Intellectuals also say that the traces of brahvi language have been found in the remainants of Mohenjo Daro and it has Dravadian origin and same language is being spoken in some parts of Indian and Sir Lanka
Now we throw light on different theories:-

1.     Brahvi is an Aryan Language

Sir Dennis Bray (I.C.S) who served as civil servant in Balochistan had submitted some theories about the origin of brahvi language. One of the said theories was that when Greeks occupied the Khurasan and Balochistan, the brahvi speaking people were living in the valley of Hilmand and brahvis were calling the same valley as “Baroyana” and same name was changed as ‘Brahvi or Brohi’.

2.     Brahvi is One Clan of the Hundred Balochi Clans.

Renowned historians Mir Gul Khan Naseer and Malik Saleh Muhammad Lehri are of the view that Brahvis belong to a clan of those Balochs who migrated earlier than other Baloch clans. They were settled near the mountainous rang of ‘Al-Burz’ according ‘Al-Burz’ was renamed as “Burz Kohi” and with span of time same mountainous rang was called “Brahvi or Brohi”.

Professor Nadir Qambrani in an essay has written that some materials have been explored from Nadali and Baram (Afghanistan) which include coins and images of gods of mountains which are inscribed on the same  and following words were written around those idols in “Khuroshthi Script” “Maha Rajasa, Raja Raja sa, Dawapothrasa Kajola, Kafuzasa”

If we chage these words into brahvi certainly a brahvi speaking people understand these words.

3.     Views of Noor Muhammad Perwana

Father of Brahvi Language Late Noor Muhammad Perwana has submitted his opinion in his easy “Brahvi culture” whether Brahvi speaking people belong to Dravadian race or not but it is certain that they belong to different races than Baloch and Pashtun. In another para he says that Brahvi language may belong to Dravadian languages but some Brahvis also speak Balochi. He has concluded that Brahvis have a compound civilization.

4.     Brahvi Language is a Dravadian Language

Dr. Trump, Dir Dennis Bray, Coldwell, and Kami-ul-Qadri are of the opinion that there is similarities between brahvi and Indian languages of Tilgo, Milyalam, Tamil, Gota Malyalam. English scholars support this idea on grounds that composition of words of Dravadian and brahvi language have similarities.
Dr. Abdul Rehman Brahvi, Dr. Abdul Razzaq Sabir, Dr Javed Akhtar and Dr Nazeer Ahmed Shaker support the ideas that brahvi is a Dravadian language and there is no doubt in this theory.


According to some historians, Brahvi and Balochi belong to same race. Balochi speaking people entered Mekran while Brahvi speaking people entered from Chagi defeated the Dravadian rulers of Kalat and entered into matrimonial relationship with the Dravadian people of Kalat. Accordingly Dravadian and Balochi languages were mixed up and a new language of “Brahvi” was born due to same relationship.

About Guest Author:

I am mother tongue of 10 million people living in Pakistan(Balochistan,Sindh),Afghanistan and Iran.Purpose of creating facebook account is contact brahvi speaking people in the world for promotion of language,literature and culture.Hundreds of books are being published annually but Brahvi speaking people do not read those books.There are weekly and monthly newspapers & magazines which imparts education and promotes culture.
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