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PTCL-Evo 500 Per Month Package

Amir Bakhsh - 11:42

PTCL-EVO پنچ صدی پیکج !!

پی ٹی سی ایل
EVO  اسہ پین جوانو آفر ئس مونی ایسونے، ھرا ٹی نمے اسہ پوسکنو پی ٹی سی ایل EVO  ڈیوائس ئس الوئی مریک، ھرا نا بہا 2550 رپئی ۓ نمے 5 صد رپئی پیکج کن تروئی مریک۔
دا کان پد اسہ سال اسکان نم بیرہ 500 صد رپئی تُو ہنا حساب اٹ دا پیکج ءِ استتعمال کننگ کیرے، سال ئسے آن گڈ دا پیکج چٹک، اوکان پد نمے پین پیکج اسہ آ انوئی مریک،
دا پیکج ہٹی نم
3.1 MBPS نیٹ اسپیٹ ملِک
ھر تو نم
30GB  نیٹ استعمال کنگگ کیرے

This is wonderful offer for all those who want to buy PTCL EVO. The offer is for 1 year that mean you will only pay 500/month for the package for 1 year. After that you can select from any of our other packages. It has 3.1 Mbps speed. You can buy the device for Rs. 2,550 plus Rs. 500 for the package after the first month you will only pay Rs. 500/month. The offer has a 30 GB limit

New Promotion - Get PTCL EVO with 50% Discount Till 30-06-2014

Amir Bakhsh Baloch - 02:46

PTCL EVO Offering New Discount Promotions 

After Azadi Promotion Package PTCL announced a new excited packages to purchase EVO devices. Do not miss this wonderful opportunity..


With this new promotion, PTCL is giving 500th discount on monthly charges for EVO devices until 30-06-2014. That’s fifty percent discount on monthly charges for straight 9 months.

Monthly charges for EVO service  after discount throughout the promotion  are going to be Rs. 1050 rather than regular Rs. 2,100 monthly charges.
Offer Details

Any subscriber creating a buying deal on EVO Unlimited  packages started 18-09-2013 shall get pleasure from 500th discounts on monthly charges until 30-06-2014

This is a restricted time offer. finish dates for promotion to be declared late.

  •     Package: EVO max 3.1
  •     Existing Price: Rs. 2,100
  •     Discounted Price: Rs. 1,050
  •     Valid till: 30-06-2014


Service may be availed through any PTCL OSS, approved PTCL stores & order booking through 1236.

    •    Promotion is valid for brand new sales solely.
    •     Promotion is valid on EVO Unlimited packages solely.
    •     Promotion is valid for both prepaid and paid subscribers.

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    • How to make $100 plus fast in every month in 2014

      Amir Bakhsh Baloch - 10:05

      Make Money and US Dollars Online Via Blogging

      There are many guys who want to earn $100 to $1000 dollars per month in jiffy. They can search on daily basis on Google, regarding key words for searching online jobs which may provide them $100 to $1000 dollars. You may search for data entry jobs for making handsome dollars online, for this purpose you might search for translation jobs, freelancers jobs etc.

      Well, I have very handsome ideas for you guys to make dollars online where you can really make more than 10,000 dollars per month online.
      Yes there is only one job which can give you $300 to 10,000 dollars monthly.

      Follow the bellow tips to reach the level of highest earning dollars stage.
      •    Improve your English writing skills
      •    Select a good topic which very highest search on internet
      •    Start a blog!
      •    Search honestly and update fast your articles
      •    Start propaganda of your website / blog on all well known social media pages
      •     Work harder than hard!
      •    Get a account of Google adsense and handsome advertising companies
      Soon enough you will reach the stage where you can earn $100 /$300 per day and $10,000 plus dollars per month fast.

      As a proof I am sharing with you guys some blog and their monthly earnings.

      Make  $30,000 dollars per month fast via Blog

       these blog makes 30,000 dollars per month via blogging

      Earning Per Month: $40,000
      $ 36,000 / Month

      Earning Per Month: $30,000

      Make $20,000 dollars per month fast via blog

       these blog makes 20,000 dollars per month via blogging

      25,000 per month

      20,000 per month


      Earning Per Month: $20,000

      Earning Per Month: $22,000


      Earning Per Month: $25,000

      Make  $10,000 dollars per month fast via blog

       these blog makes more than 10,000 dollars per month via blogging

      $15,000 Per Month


      $18,000 Per Month

      I hope you realized that it is possible to earn more than $10,000 per month!

      You may shocked there are some blog as well which earnings $26666 dollars per day: P so turns yourself as a blogger than you would earns $100 per  hour easily ;)

      will discuss them next time iA

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      Yahoo Bing Ads Network - Review And Approval Tricks

      Amir Bakhsh Baloch - 00:26

      Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads program(Review)

      At lest you tired to making many blogs but you did not get a google adsens account and now you are seeking for a best Google adsense alternative. Let's start your earning career via blog through Yahoo Bing discourse ads on you blog a quality is more friendly than Google adsense..

      Well if you\'ve got a top quality content and handsome daily page preview than Yahoo Bing adsense you looking forward to you :) The are not as strict policies as google adsens as..The Yahoo! Bing Network contextual Ads program allows web publishers to simply and effectively earn advertising revenue. plate forum is really has a good, easily and click friendly type of ads that is the reason large number of professional blogger turns towards Yahoo Bing contextual ads programe and earning smart money.

       Features of Yahoo Bing Ads network

          Generate progressive revenue with minimal  effort
       targeted just on publishers with premium content
       top brand advertisers and 100% fill rate
       extremely relevant ads that enhance user expertise and cut back ad muddle
          Real support, personalised attention and service

       Approval Tips and Tricks

      Now when seeing some amazing options you\'ll have an interest in using Yahoo Bing contextual Ads Network. So, here i am planning to offer you some tips to get your website or blog approved. i will be able to not take your too much time so I\'ve simply listed some things that your site/blog should have to get approved.

         >> TLD [ top Level domain name ] - .Com, .Net, .Org etc. -
      >> Unique, Quality and Acceptable By The Network Content

       >>   Domain Age = 3/4 Months

      >> 400th Organic Search Traffic

      >> one thousand (1K) Daily Pageviews
      >> About Us, Contact us and Privacy Policy Pages
       simple To Navigate

      What should I do?

          Place their ads in your blog or web site.
          Modify your revenue by monetizing the content of your site.
          Satisfy your users by providing them ad content associated with their interests.
          Leverage our information of however best to optimize your contextual advertising.

        How Much I Get Paid?

      At beginning,Yahoo ads pay $0.002 for P/click.That is,$1 dollar for 500 impression and will increase per your pageviews and impression.This is not terribly unhealthy than infolinks and different intext ad networks
      When will i get paid?
      You will get paid once your ad revenue reaches the threshold amount that is 50$.There are four ways in which to collect your revenue, as well as a PayPal option that allows you to get paid more quickly.Wha

      How to Apply

       how to Apply For Yahoo Bing contextual Ads Network?
      So, once you are all done regarding the approval tips then it is time to request the invite. it is not any tough task you\'ll do it simply by following the easy steps below.

       Go to Yahoo Bing Ads Network

          >> Click on [Request an Invite] button within the header.
       currently a form will return which you have to fill.

        >> when filling the first form, click the continue button to proceed to following step.
          After that, you may land within the next type which is able to be regarding the owner details. Means, it'll ask for the main points regarding the owner of a website. Simply, Fill it.

          Finally, when filling the form click ["I accept"] button at the bottom.
       currently a message can seem that you have with success requested for the invite.
       DONE !

      5 Reasons Of Making Less Money On Blog.
      5 Reasons Of Making Less Money On Blog

      How to Install / Add Contact us form in your blog?

      Amir Bakhsh Baloch - 01:00
       Blogger is introducing  a ton many facilities  for Newbie's bloggers and additionally  for professionals. Blogger is now recently introduced their new Contact form kind device for bloggers. that is crucial for each beginner and  professionals. 

      How To Make Money With Google AdSense - Updated Policies in 2013

      Amir Bakhsh Baloch - 11:51

      Something About Google Adsense


      Earning cash online is being the dream of each web user and lots of of those are finding reliable ways in which to do this. Today, i am going to discuss deeply that how will we earn cash / money online with Google Adsense. Google Adsense is especially for those who are running their own webs and blogs or specially blogspot or wordpress and wanna monetize it. There also are some strategies to earn with Adsense without having any web site and blog and i am going to surely share it in future. Earning with Adsense is straightforward however is additionally required some toil. If you are from state then you may face downside in getting approved Adsense account as a result of Adsense is just too a lot of strict to Asian countries due to violation of their policies. Well, you'll get it in Asian countries however it needs honest and hard work and also conjointly share the approval tips. thus currently it is time to discuss concerning earning with Google Adsense.

      Way To Make Money with Google Adsense

      Google Adsense is that the most well liked PPC  advertising network. it absolutely was introduced ten years ago [2003] and recently Adsense had celebrated their ten years of success. If you've got any website of blog then you'll be able to simply earn from it with Google Adsense. so as to get started with Adsense you may got to apply for Adsense. wait for a week to get the reply and once if you got approval then you are unengaged to use Adsense. once getting approval from Google Adsense, you've got to make the ad unit in your Adsense account then you may get the Ad code that you've got to implement in your website/blog. If your account is active then after some minutes the Ads would appear showing on your blog. currently that code won't show the single Ad everytime but it'll show different Ads once you refresh or reload the page.

      Note: Google pays via Checks minimam 100$
      Asian bloggers have to apply for adsense with minimum 6 months old blog or domain.

      All contents includes Phots must be genuine and original. 

      Best of luck !

      This Article will be published in Brahve Language here

      How To SEO Optimize Blogger Labels / Tags links?

      Amir Bakhsh Baloch - 04:03

      Well, Blogger labels are those links that we have a tendency to add when we create a new post. we will add several labels to 1 post. These labels are basically tags, however in Blogger by default they're known as labels. once you click on a label link, that opens with all posts in this. In WordPress they're called tags. These labels are used for higher user navigation, as a result of if a visitor is visiting your blog for a particular post/page therefore he/she may be fascinated by more posts on your blogger. thus having labels at sidebar is best plan. however the matter is, once search engines' robots crawl your blogger, they have only 1 URL for every page of your web log for crawling and indexing. By default they crawl each page and links as well as labels. therefore this makes slightly bit confusion for robots. as a result of your single post get accessible through totally different addresses i.e Archives, labels and also the actual URL of the post.
      How to Optimize Blogger Labels?

      How to Optimize Blogger Labels / Tags ?

      Follow bellow give step easily

      Login to Blogger

      • Template >> HTML >> Proceed
      Check Expand Blogger Widget Template

      Now search for below piece of code
      follow given steps below:
      <a expr:href=’data:label.url’
      Replace it with this:
      <a expr:href=’data:label.url’ rel=’tag’
      Save Template and that’s all for Labels.

      Remember: If rel=’tag’ is already exists then don’t change anything, leave it as it is.

      Comming Soon -> Brahvi Article of this post Here.
      How to Optimize Blogger Labels?
      How to Optimize Blogger Labels?
      How to Optimize Blogger Labels?

      How to Open and Access Youtube & Block Websites In Pakistan

      Amir Bakhsh Baloch - 08:05

      Unblock , Access Youbute in Pakistan

      Hey guys are you still suffering unblock website includes with Youtube  specially in Pakistan ? so be relax here is a solution.

      I know there are several softwares that promise to unblock youtube by deviating your Proxy to USA or Great Britain in order that you\'ll open up YouTube however that is plenty of downloading and plenty of such softwares conjointly damage your system.

      Access easily:)

      Here is a fixture quick fix. 
      Go to.... 4everyProxy

      You will either enter the link of the YouTube video that you {just} are searching for or you can just click on the YouTube icon which will take you to YouTube\'s overall web site.

      Watch,Enjoy and download from youTube with smile :)

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      How to Write a post on blogger. Part 2 in English & Brahvi

      Amir Bakhsh Baloch - 02:50

      This article has written in both English and Brahvi (Brahui).
      Welcome beck with part 2 of previous.

      As before we discuss how to create a blog. hit bellow link if you missed it.

      How to start a blogging and how to create a blog step by step | Part 1

      How to start a blogging and how to create a blog step by step | Part 1 - See more at:
      How to start a blogging and how to create a blog step by step | Part 1 - See more at:
      How to start a blogging and how to create a blog step by step | Part 1 - See more at:
      How to start a blogging and how to create a blog step by step | Part 1 - See more at:
      How to start a blogging and how to create a blog step by step | Part 1 - See more at:

      How to start a blogging and how to create a blog step by step | Part 1

      - See more at:

      How to start a blogging and how to create a blog step by step | Part 1

      - See more at:

      How to start a blogging and how to create a blog step by step | Part 1

      - See more at:

      How to start a blogging and how to create a blog step by step | Part 1

      - See more at:

      How to start a blogging and how to create a blog step by step | Part 1

      - See more at:

      How to start a blogging and how to create a blog step by step | Part 1

      - See more at:

      How to start a blogging and how to create a blog step by step | Part 1

      - See more at:

      How to start a blogging and how to create a blog step by step | Part 1

      - See more at:
      Today we go ahead and I will tell you how to write articles in blogger.
      1nce you have logged into Blogger you'll see your Dashboard, showing your list of blogs (If you have many blogs otherwise single blog)  Click the orange pencil icon to create a new post:

      Create new post

       Now Next, you'll see the Post Editor. begin by giving your post a title, then enter the post itself:

      Write a title
       When you're done, click the gray Preview button at the overstep to make certain it's prepare to go. This will open a new tab/ window in your browser where you can see what your post appear like on your blog. You can pass away to the early tab and edit your post advance, or, if you're fulfilled, just hit Publish to publish your post. So easy now boost your posts different sources.

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