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Balochi Poetry
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Ma Chuken Balochani English Lyrics

Amir Bakhsh - 04:38

The famous great, honorable and beloved national anthem of Baloch Nation " Ma Chuke Balochani" written by Majeed Gwaderi. Brahvi Time Team bring for you Balochi National Anthem's Ma Chuke Balochani in English Lyrics.....

Read Ma Chuke Balochani In Balochi

are the sons of the Baloch,
Free and sovereign,
Masters of our own destiny;

The earth panics from our wrath,
Castles shake in fear,
We are tigers,
Fearless defenders (of those who seek our help);

We are an encouragement to our fathers,
The pride and honor of our mothers and sisters,
Support of our brothers;

Our blo
od one day,
Will be required by our nation,
We will prove to the lullabies given by mothers;

We have sucked the milk of honor honor,
In the shadow of swords,
Red blood in our eyes shows descent from martyrs;

We are defenders of the helpless and the poor,
We have destroyed the castle of terror,
The days of oppression have gone foreve

Bashir Bedar, The Balochi Poet And Writer

Amir Bakhsh - 04:59

Balochi literature is very rich regarding literal work. There are many famous poets who represent Baloch and Balochistan in their poetry and highlights different issue and their pure love for Balochistan.
Bashir Bedar is one of the very famous poet and writer who writes both Balochi and Urdu. He borns Feb 20, 1947 in Tump,district turbat of Makran. His education qualification is BA-B.ed. Currently he is senior head master in a school.
He wrote some famous books which are mentioned bellow.
Gawarbaam, Hazzam, Karyab, Mahekan.
Let' read his some poetries.

Mubarak Qazi $ His Balochi Poetry Collection

Amir Bakhsh Baloch - 06:52

Mubaraq Qazi

Mubarak Qazi born 24 December 1956, basicly from Turbat, Balochistan, He did his graduation from Karachi and Masters from university of Balochistan. No doubt Mr. Qazi is one of the most famous poet of Balochi Language and also a beloved and national poet of Baloch people. He is most famous because of his revolutionary and patriotic poetry. he also suffers prision due to his anti state poetry. We will update this post time by time/ Let read some poetries of Mubarak Qazi.

Balochi Poet Mubarak Qazi

Balochi Poetry of Mubarak Qazi


Mubarak Qazi Poetry in Baloch Text

ھماکہ مہرء_ شراباں چہ دیدگاں نوش انت

داں زندگ انت تئی دیدارےء-ہلاھوش انت

ھماکہ آہاں وفا داریء_ زبان کتگ

مروچی جندء_ وتی گشتناں فراموش انت

ادا کہ دروگ چو کائیگرء-گروناک انت

من راستیں گپے دپء- درکناں سرء-پروش انت

اے شئر ڈیہہء_شہیدانی ہاترا ندر انت

اے لبز مہلبیں قبرانی مسکیں سرپوش انت

وتء- اے قاضیء, ملا بزرگ جمھیرگشنت

ترا کہ پجہ نیار انت کجاسرء- ھوش انت
ہما کہ مہر ء۔ شراباں چہ دیدگاں نوش انت
داں زندگ انت تہی دیدار یے ء' ہلا ہوش انت

ہما کہ آہاں وفاداری ء۔ زبان کتگ
مروچی جند ء۔ وتی گشتناں فراموش انت

شپانک میتگ ء۔ ہر چون زانتکار بہ بنت
نزانتکاری ء۔ سنٹیں بز ء' کجا دوش انت

ادا کہ دروگ چو کاہیگر ء' گروناک انت
من راستیں گپے دپ ء' در کناں سر ء' پروش انت

اے شہر ڈیھہ ء۔ شہیدانی ہاترا ندر انت
اے لبز مہلبیں قبرانی مسکیں سر پوش انت

وتا اے قاضی ء، ملا بزرگ جمھیر گشنت
ترا کہ پجا نیارنت کجا سر ء' ہوش انت
انچیں پکرے منی قاضی پہ کشگ گار نہ بیت.

پہ وتن انچیں گنوکے کہ کدی سار نہ بیت..

برذیں ماڈی تئ ذمین ء- بہ کپاں روچے کئیت.

قاضی ۓ لوگ ء- اگاں پرشتگیں دیوار نہ بیت.

دامن ء- چنڈ بچار بلکیں پدا ڈنگے جنت.

دانکہ ذاھر تئ آستونک ۓ تہ ۓ مار نبیت.

مۓ بزرگ ذانت وتئ پاکیں مسیت ۓ راہ ء.

مۓ پکیر ء- تئ دربار ء کدی کار نہ بیت.

ذندگی قاضی ء- گشتگ من بلوچے آں بلوچ.

ڈونڈیں دنیاآ قاضی کسی پادار نہ بیت

The Baloch Poet Mullah Fazul And His Balochi Poetry

Amir Bakhsh Baloch - 23:09
The popular class poet Mullah Fazul was born in house of chahosh jangiyan Rind in the end of eighteen century. His family migrated from western Baluchistan and settled is Qassimi chat, Mand.He and his brother Mullah Qassim a renounce poet of balochi language was both widel knon for their intelligence from early age. other than Balochi they had command in Arabic and Persian languages.
The great contributions of Mullah Fazul are simply indistinguishable from evolution of the Balochi language and the Balochi literature. He introduced numerous innovation such as change of thematic structure or storytelling. However, he introduced many them that were foreign to this structure such as the social conditions of his people and ballads of patriotism and of the homeland. His departure from the conventional structure also resulted in him introducing new connotations to many classical Balochi words. it is attributed to him to presence and the evolution of the Baloch language to this every day.
On 30 May, 1854 at the age of eighty this popularly loved Baloch poet died. He left behind a wealth of literature to his beloved nation; He was buried in Mand, Balochistan

Mullah Fazul

Poetry Collection Of Mullah Fazul

Balochi Poetry Collection Of Manzoor Bismil

Amir Bakhsh Baloch - 12:45

Manzoor Bismil

Manzoor Bismil was born in 1972 at Dasht Panodi, Than they migrate towards turbat. He completed his matriculation from Government high school Shahi Tump Turbat, he done his intermediate from Atta Shad Degree Collage Turbat, After BA he tooks admission in MA Balochi in University of Balochistan. Manzoor Bismil is get a great place in Balochi literature specially in Balochi Poetry. He wrote many books
* Aap Rang
* Hushkain Kaneeg
* Saach
* Sanjaro
* Deed Bamain Bramsh

Manzoor Bismil

Manzoor Bismil Poetry

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