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Computer keyboard symbols, functions and usage

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Computer Keyboard Definition

A keyboard that is a data input device for PC, arrangement of keys is pattern after the typewriter keyboard.


Symbols in keyboard are those multifunction botton which has many function with usage of ALT and CTRL.

Functions and usages of keyboard

Well, I research on all symbol key of keyboard which has many useful function and usage. When you learn the proper usage of these symbols of keyboard than you will feel how these make your time easy to work. Except A to Z keys and 0 to 0 key of right side all other keys are includes in symbolic keys of keyboard.They works in all computer programs, graphics programs, on Internet, Social media like facebook and twitter. You can also use them on electronic mail like yahoo, gmail and hotmail.

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These are all computer symbol and there correct usage, correct meaning and explanations, Scroll down and enjoy them.


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