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Mir Ahmed Baloch All New Songs - The Singer Of Home Land

AB Broadcast - 13:03
No doubt our Balochistan is not only rich with their natural mineral resources but heart touching singers too. one of them is MIR AHMED BALOCH,- The singer of home land !
Mir Ahmed Baloch belong to beautiful district of Balochistan MASTUNG. He sing many great and heart touching song on honor of great souls of homeland.

Brahvi time embed his songs through social media with the permission of video up-loaders. We hope you will enjoy these collocation of Brahvi songs.

. Mama Na Karwan

. Begowa Gha Sangatak, Ay Baloch Na Chunak(Mir Ahmed)

. Dastan by Mir AHmed Baloch 


. Da Mulk Khuajai Ayby Mir Ahmed Baloch

. Darvesh Na Mehr AY Hanen

. Katuma Tafen Dastaar

. Ay Deh Ay SHaheed Ani

. nane ustaan dharoka dhakha yaad e...

. Jhanda Burzha Masunay Azad Balochistan Na..