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Koch o Baloch by Gul Khan Nasir

Unknown - 10:10

Koch o Baloch [The Baloch Race]

Koch o Baloch this book is written by Mir Gul Khan Nasir for the answer and misconceptions of a book "THE BALOCH RACE" which was written by Mr. Longworth Dames. You can say this book a summry of The Baloch Race. Mr. Dames was raise some questions about Brahui (Balochs) and many places he tried to devide Baloch nation in two groups like Brahui and Baloch.So Mr. Gul Khan Nasir Rewrite The Baloch Race again and with the name of Koch o Baloch, where he refuse his conspiracy research in which Mr. Dames tried to devide strengh of Baloch people.
So here is something about that book you have to read complete book for your knowlege. I hope you people like my this effort. Please leave you comments and questions in comments section of Blog.

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